MONEY is part of the Great War between Jesus Christ and Satan


This e-news is about MONEY.


Because money is mentioned over 2,000 times in the Bible and has much to do with the ongoing great controversy between Jesus Christ and Satan. In the right hands, money can be used by God to bless others, but if hoarded and used selfishly, it can be a terrible curse. Remember Judas. He betrayed Jesus for money (see Matt. 26:14,15) and lost his soul.

To deepen your knowledge (from a biblical perspective) about this sober subject, White Horse Media has produced a 7-part series, God, Satan, Money, and YOU (recently seen on 3ABN) now available for viewing on our YouTube Channel (available on DVD, too). The titles are: 1) The Root of All Evil, 2) Don’t Be a Couch Potato, 3) The Debt Disaster, 4) Are You Robbing God? 5) Should Christians Invest? 6) When No Man Can Buy or Sell, 7) Gold Tried in the Fire. I encourage you to slowly watch each half-hour episode. This 7-part series is also excellent for showing in homes, churches, and prayer meetings. As a bonus, you can also watch my recent interview with Johnny Cirucci entitled, “Central Banks, Mandated Digital Currency, and the Mark of the Beast.” 

Part 5 of our 7-part series is entitled, “Should Christians Invest?” To learn more about this important topic, check out my new website,, designed to make investing options simple and doable for the average person. As we contemplate our earthly futures, Grow Your Money With God seeks to strike a biblical balance between these two statements of Jesus: “Behold, I come quickly!” (Revelation 22:7) and “Occupy til I come.” Luke 19:13. For the record, nothing is more important than being ready for our Savior’s soon return; but while we wait, we must still live in this world, earn money, pay bills, build savings accounts, and plan wisely for our earthly futures, should time last long enough. On click the “Education” tab to access many practical FREE resources about such vital topics as how to get out of debt and how to pay off a home mortgage quicker. For those who choose to purchase our online course, use the coupon, “WhiteHorseMedia,” for a $50 discount. Grow Your Money With God is an incredibly valuable resource about putting God first in our finances, avoiding debt, prioritizing returning tithes and offerings, and wise investing (vs. speculation and gambling) to help you better provide for the future needs of your family.

Tomorrow (Thursday, June 22, at 5 pm PT), I will be interviewed by ASI host Curtis Letniak about this vital topic on the ASI Hour. Click here to register and join the discussion!

Notice carefully: “The followers of Christ are not to despise wealth; they are to look upon wealth as the Lord’s entrusted talent. By a wise use of His gifts, they may be eternally benefited…” Counsels on Stewardship, 133

MONEY is a talent God has given us to benefit others, His work, and our families. In His parable found in Luke 19:11-27, one man wisely turned one pound of His Lord’s money into ten pounds (vs. 15,16). Another turned one pound into five pounds (vs. 18). Both were commended by their Lord. But one man simply buried his pound in the earth and did nothing with it. Sadly, he lost his soul (vs. 20-27).

We hope our 7-part series, God, Satan, Money, and YOU, and will be a tremendous blessing to you.

May the Lord Jesus Himself help us to handle MONEY wisely for His glory and for the advancement of His work. 



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